After using the free car reg checker, you will be presented with the results of the search. If you are not sure what any of it means then you can use the list below for an explanation of what each result means

Vehicle Details

  1. Registration Number: Unique alphanumeric code assigned to a vehicle for identification.
  2. Tax Status: Current payment status of vehicle road tax.
  3. Tax Expiry: Date when vehicle’s road tax validity ends.
  4. MOT Status: Indicates if vehicle passed mandatory safety inspection.
  5. MOT Expiry: Date when MOT certificate expires.
  6. Year Of Manufacture: Year vehicle was originally manufactured.
  7. Engine Capacity: Volume of engine displacement in cubic centimeters (cc).
  8. CO2 Emissions: Amount of carbon dioxide emitted by the vehicle.
  9. Fuel Type: Type of fuel the vehicle uses (e.g., petrol, diesel).
  10. Date Of Last V5C Issued: Date when latest vehicle registration certificate was issued.
  11. Wheelplan: Vehicle’s configuration of wheels and axles (e.g., 2-wheel, 4-wheel).
  12. Month Of First Registration: Month when the vehicle was first registered in the UK.