Is my insurance valid if I dont have an MOT?

An MOT tests purpose is to determine the whether a car is road worth, or in other words, safe to be on the road. With this being the case, insurers generally will invalidate your policy, however this is not the same for all insurers. It depends whether they have a clause in the policy that requires you to have an MOT.

Roadworthy Cars

It is also possible that the insurer only needs the vehicle to be roadworthy when driven. No valid MOT does not always mean that the car is unsafe to drive. It could be in perfect condition but the owner forgot to get the test, the car would still be roadworthy. On the other hand, an old car could pass its MOT, then develop problems a month later, the MOT certificate does not mean that car is roadworthy.

Double check you policy to see if MOT is required or just roadworthiness.

Can I get insured without an MOT?

Its not impossible but it is very difficult to find insurers that are willing to offer you a policy without a MOT certificate. Remember, the MOT test is done to check that a vehicle is roadworthy, and insurers do not like unsafe vehicles.

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Accidents when driving without an MOT

If you get into an accident when driving without an MOT there is two possibilities.

  • Your insurers requires that you have a valid MOT.
  • Having an MOT is not required for your policy.

If your insurer requires an MOT then unfortunately you are now liable to pay to cover the repairs of your own car and any other cars damaged in the accident too. The police also have the power to charge you with an offense, resulting in a £300 fine and 6 points on your license. You can also expect higher insurance premiums going forward.

If having an MOT is not required on your policy then you may have a chance. However the insurer will want to carry out a thorough investigation to determine the roadworthiness of the car. Even if your claim is successful you can expect a lower payout too.

What happens to your insurance if you get caught driving without MOT?

If the police scan your license plate and find you have no MOT they have the power to stop you. The penalties for driving without an MOT are:

  • In most cases you will be given a fixed penalty notice of £100, but this can go up to £1000. 
  • If you drive with a failed MOT that noted a dangerous defect the fine can go up to £2500. 
  • You could face three points on your license. 
  • In extreme cases, the police may seize the vehicle. 

However as your insurance is also invalid you could also be penalized for driving without insurance. The penalties for Driving without insurance are:

  • You will receive a £300 fine.
  • 6 Penalty Points on your license
  • Police also have the power to seize or destroy your vehicle

On top of this you should also consider that your insurance premiums will rise significantly for the next five years as you will need to disclose the conviction each time you buy a policy.

Its always a good idea to keep on top of your insurance, if your insurance is running out soon compare the best prices here.

You can also book your MOT here

So in summary, it is not impossible to be insured without an MOT but you can be sure that life will be much harder if anything goes wrong.

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