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License Whisperer offers a completely free vehicle reg lookup tool. Through License Whisperer, find trustworthy information on any UK vehicle, including comprehensive MOT history details.

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License Whisper is a free reg plate lookup tool that lets you check a cars MOT history and information. The registration number check tool returns the following information:

  • MOT status and due date
  • Tax status and due date
  • Vehicle information
  • MOT history

When is my MOT due?

That’s easy to find out, just put your registration plate number into the tool above and you can see when your MOT is due. Otherwise you can use the DVLA government website or your previous MOT certificate to find out when your MOT expires. 

When is my car tax due?

You can find out when your car tax is due by using the free car reg lookup tool. Otherwise you can use the DVLA website. The DVLA should send a reminder about 3 weeks before your tax expires. 

Update car tax on the DVLA website 

Our Free Reg Check Service

  • Vehicle Details
  • Full MOT History
  • Tax Status
  • MOT Status

Can I drive without an MOT?

It is illegal to drive without a valid MOT certificate. You are at risk of being prosecuted and fined £1000 if you are caught.

There is only two exceptions where you are allowed to drive a car without a valid MOT certificate:

  • to or from a garage where the vehicle will be repaired
  • to a prearranged MOT test. 

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Is there a grace period after my MOT expires?

There is a common misconception that it is legal to drive a vehicle for 14 days after the MOT expires before it becomes an offense. There is no grace period, after the MOT expires you must only drive your vehicle if it is to get it repaired or to get to an MOT test. 

Can I drive without tax?

In most cases it is illegal to drive on the road if your vehicle is not taxed. However there is some exceptions to this rule:

  • If you are taking your car to a prebooked MOT appointment.You can not tax your car without a valid MOT certificate. 
  • You drive a fully electric vehicle that cost less than £40,000. Get a valuation on your car here (affiliate)
  • You have successfully applied to the classic car tax exemption.
  • *Please note that you must apply for tax exemption for it to take effect. Not sure if your car meets the requirements? Read our guide on tax and MOT exemption for classic cars.  

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